Integration guide

Using WebPay PLUS is as simple as building an XML string, encrypting it with the SDK appropriate to your technology, sharing it with your client and receiving the result of a payment on your server.

Everything you need

To make your integration as simple as possible, we have a sandbox, a secure environment that simulates the responses of productive servers. Using fictitious data and before pointing your integration to the productive servers, you can fine-tune your code, without the need for productive credentials.

  • Execute and experiment with example transactions and look at the result as if it were the productive environment.
  • Do full cycle tests without risking the actual card data. We provide you with test cards.

Integration Overview

To guarantee the security in the transmission of information, the Payment Center has HTTPS servers which use the Transport Layer Security TLS protocol v1.2 as a secure transport protocol to carry out transactions.
For its part, the merchant must also have TLS v1.2 servers, to ensure secure information exchange when making your transactions.
In addition, Centro de Pagos send and receive transaction data using encryption algorithms under the AES standard.

Start here:

Short of time?

We have you covered. Download the sample projects for Java , PHP or C# available in Github and finish your integration today.


To pass the productive environment, you must use the credentials provided by the merchant administrator.