Thinking in the Digital Economy.

Accept payments from your client's smartphone, computer, App, social network, email

Integrate it quickly and provide your customers with a simplified payment experience. We improve and update constantly, so that You do not have to worry.

WebPay PLUS has a responsive payment form, which fits the dimensions of the device and you can use it on mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Even on your native or hybrid App.

WebPay PLUS offers services designed to facilitate the capture and processing of information from the credit card or debit card, which directly invoke our servers, freeing you from the risk of manipulating sensitive information.

Try it now! Do not use a real card, use any of the following numbers.

Card number Result
4242424242424242 Approved
5454545454545454 Approved
343434343434343 Approved

WebPay PLUS is part of Centro de Pagos, the most advanced solution to accept card payments, which allows companies consolidate, automate and optimize payment management, coupling with business strategies.